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Jardim Botanico in Curitiba

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Jardim Botanico in Curitiba

This botanical garden was first inaugurated in 1991 and is one of the most visited places in Curitiba.  The Jardim Botanico is a must see vacation destination in Curitiba.  Designed after the French Gardens, it unfolds a carpet of flowers which starts right at the entrance and goes throughout the entire garden. The green house is built with a metallic structure which contains many botanical species and a natural spring water source.  The Botanical Garden, managed by Gert Hatschbach, attracts outside researchers from all over the world.  Behind the green house is a permanent exhibition of 114 sculptures by Frans Kraycberg, an artist and environmentalist. In the Garden of Sensations there is a 200 meter long track, where visitors are encouraged to walk and enjoy the many senses which the flowers impact, from the wonderful array of colorful flowers, to the many scents of the plants, to the multitude of textures that every specices exhibts.  The Jardim Botanico is all about experiencing the beauty of nature and spending time enjoying all it has to offer.


The Opera de Arame was built around the same time as the Jardim Botanico, and with a very similar architecture.  The Opera de Arame is also very important tourist attraction for Curitiba, and is also within a park sitting with a similar tubular and steel design, it houses an auditorm where many acoustical events take place.


Address: Rua Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski - Jardim Botânico


Phones: (41) 3264-6994 (Administration) (41) 3362-1800 (Museum)


Hours of Operation: From 6am to 9pm> during the summer time. From 6am to 9pm> during the winter schedule.


Bus: Expressos Centenário/Campo Comprido and Centenário/Rui Barbosa. Down beside the Botanical. Cabral Line / Gate. Alcides Munhoz Line (point Al.Dr.Muricy). Down in front of the Botanical Garden. Access: Travessa Tobias de Macedo / Travessa Alfredo Bufren / Rua Amintas de Barros / Rua Tibagi / Avenida Presidente Affonso Camargo / Rua Engenheiro Ostoja Roguski.

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Jardim Botanico in Curitiba

Jardim Botanico in CuritibaJardim Botanico in Curitiba

Jardim Botanico in CuritibaJardim Botanico in CuritibaJardim Botanico in Curitiba