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Opera do Arame in Curitiba

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Opera do Arame in Curitiba

Also known as the Wire Theater and in the Parque das Pedreiras, and within the Paulo Leminski cultural space. 

The Opera de Arame with its tubular structure and transparent roof is one of Curitiba's emblematic symbols. Inaugurated in 1992, it gives place to all kinds of events, from pop to classical music concerts.  Surrounded by lakes, native vegetation and cascades in a natural landscape, it belongs to the Parque das Pedreiras and so does the Cultural Space Paulo Leminski, where the staging of the Passion of Christ and other important events haven taken place since 1989.  The magic night of April 4, 1993 the place was the stage for the concert of the famous tenor Jose Carreras and the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra which celebrated Curitiba's 300th Anniversary.


The entire structure which makes up the Opera de Arame is built with steel pipes and steel structures covered with transparent polycarbonate plates.  The architect designed everything to be rounded and circular in nature.  The building is partially surrounded by an artificial lake, which means access to the building is via a footbridge over this man made body of water. The design is by architect Dominic Bongestabs, professor of Architecture and Urbanism of UFPR and the same author of project Unilivre.


The theater was build very quickly, taking only 75 days and was inaugurated in 1992.  It was renovated mid 2006 for maintenance and safety improvements, and the auditorium now has a slightly smaller audience capacity, going from nearly 2,100 spectators down to only 1,000, in part to preserve the structure.


Other very well known strucutures within the city, include the Jardim Botanico, which is another glass and steel structure, but this one houses a variety of botanical plants and was built around the same time as the Opera de Arame.


There are several other large parks that are near the Opera de Arame which are also equally beautiful and within walking distance.   Tangua Parque and São Lourenço Parque, are roughly a 10 minute walk, while the Bosque Alemão is closer to a 30 minute walk from the park.  All have great natural beauty and lots to do and see as well.



Address: John Gava Street, Abranches.


Phone: (41) 3355-6071 (41) 3355-6072


Hours of Operation: Tuesdays to Sundays from 8am to 10pm. * Has disabled access


Bus: Conventional Mateus Leme (Praça Tiradentes) or Interbairros II, down near the quarry. Conventional Nilo Pecanha (behind the Cathedral) down City Lighthouse.


Access: Rua Barão do Serro Azul / Trav. Nestor de Castro / Rua Rosario / Rua Duque de Caxias / Rua Barao de Antonina / Rua Mateus Leme / Rua João Gava

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Opera do Arame in Curitiba

Opera do Arame in CuritibaOpera do Arame in Curitiba

Opera do Arame in CuritibaOpera do Arame in CuritibaOpera do Arame in CuritibaOpera de Arame in Curitiba