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Natal Luz in Gramado

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Natal Luz in Gramado

Natal Luz is simply translated as Christmas Lights.  The entire city is done up in lights and decorations and accented with beautiful flower baskets throughout the city, as this is the Brazilian summer months after all!


Take a stroll along the main avenue of Gramado and enjoy all the festivities taking place, including carolors that lead a procession of people to the Church Square where the Symphony Orchestra plays a classical musical concert.   The festival ends with a large fireworks show that places at Lago Joaquina Rita Bier.  This is an event worth planning a vacation to Gramado for.   Don't forget to go back to Street Deck during the day, or stroll through Downtown Gramado during day light hours.   Even you are unable to visit the festival itself, these areas are almost always filled with flowers and well manicured all year round.

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Chirstmas Lights in Gramado

Chirstmas Lights in GramadoChirstmas Lights in Gramado

Natal Luz in GramadoNatal Luz in Gramado