Natal International Airport

The international airport in Natal is the largest in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, and one of the largest in Brazil. In turn, is one of the most modern in the country. Serves cabotage flights to almost all major destinations in Brazil and also operates some international flights from Europe and America. Just over 1.88 million passengers passed through the airport in 2009. Gol Transportes Aereos and WebJet low-cost airlines are operating at the site.

Official Name
Augusto Severo International Airport - (Augusto Severo International Airport)


Opened: 1941


Tel: +55 (0) 84 3087 1200 | (84) 3087-1270 / 1310

The airport is in Parnamirim, 20 km (13 miles) from downtown Natal.

Number of Terminals - 1

Public Transport
Buses and taxis carry passengers to the city center. The buses are usually comfortable and inexpensive. Taxis are quite high, a rate See them before you take a taxi.

There are car rental offices of the most recognized companies (Avis, Hertz, Well located, Nations, LocarAlpha, Serra Dourada). Rent Your Car Here

Also the airport has banks, ATMs, currency exchange, post office, VIP lounge, public telephones and internet access Wi-Fi, among other facilities.
Eating and Drinking - restaurant, ice cream, coffee shops, cafeterias and bars
Shopping - souvenirs, handicrafts, including several shops (duty free), newspapers and tobacco.
Luggage - bags and umbrellas Lost and Found (tel. (84) 3087-1211). In case of loss or damage, not all or part of a Baggage ledge, go to the counter pair of Airline them concerned or, alternatively, the General Information Counters.
Other Services - Travel Agencies, and First Aid Pharmacies, art room, among others. Information Counters There paragraph and tourism travelers.

Disabled Facilities paragraph - For passengers requiring special assistance, and recommended prior coordination with an OU Airline Travel.

Parking - Airport Natal has an area of ​​parking them situated right opposite the building principal and a Los estimated capacity 500 vehicles, with spaces reserved for disabled. More Information: 55 (84) 3087-1499

Hotels - there are no hotels in the airport.