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Teatro Mamulengo Só-Riso in Recife

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Teatro Mamulengo Só-Riso in Recife

Only Mamulengo-Riso, 35 years on the road

Born in Olinda, the only Mamulengo-Laughter is one of the most important puppet companies in the country and is completing 35 years. Since its first show, no name, held in June 1975, the trajectory of the group was pushing the boundaries, both geographic and artistic productions such as performing Bash (Bash initially believed to be in the United Forest Green) and Olinda Olinda Linda Olanda , which marked an era and brought a new look scenic. Are classics of puppetry in Latin America.
If this were not enough, the company has evolved: stimulated, from its founders, academic research mamulengo; built a museum (Museum of Mamulengo - Space Tiridá) and a theater (Teatro Mamulengo Riso-only) and started working with floats through the School of Arts and Crafts floats, riding the decor of Carnival in Olinda - since 1991 - and working with young people from disadvantaged communities in the state. With so many innovations, received in November of last year's Order of Cultural Merit of Brazil, the country's largest cultural commendation - awarded to artists like Ariano Suassuna, Hermilo Borba Filho, Grande Otelo, Luiz Gonzaga and Tom Jobim.

Those responsible for founding the Mamulengo Only Laugh-are Fernando

Over the years, the original group disbanded due to huge amount of travel, a result of the success of Mamulengo Only Laugh-in Brazil and worldwide. Experience scenic brought baggage to the point of the company be capable of making revolutionary spectacles like Olinda Olinda Olanda Linda in 1988 using six different techniques of doll: black theater, demi-lipstick, dolls and desk, glove, stick, giant doll; and seventeen people involved, and revelers and partygoers, and revelers revelers that mixed puppets and actors in 2000.

Recognized in the dramaturgy, came the concern to preserve twenty-three collections of dolls - something around 1,500 pieces of the main puppeteer masters from the Northeast. The result was the creation of the Museum of Mamulengo - Space Tiridá in 1994 in Amparo Street, was transferred in 2006 to the Rua de Sao Bento, in Olinda. Two years later, in 1996, on the street May 13, opened the theater only Mamulengo-Riso, who in addition to scenarios is also space for studio, workshop and hostel for puppeteer, trainees and teachers.

The extensive list of activities the group also comprises the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Centre for Cultural Production Mamulengo Only Laugh-established on the opening day of the theater. With 32 members on its board, the NGO working with disadvantaged youth from communities such as V-9, V-8, Maruim Island (Olinda), rural settlements and towns such as Glory of Goitá, Zona da Mata. From the Center, has begun the path of the allegorical-only Mamulengo Riso. In 1991, Fernando Augusto Gonçalves took the forefront of staging the carnival in Olinda High City. There were large dolls - the King Momo was 14 feet wide by seven tall. The carnival floats were made by the group until 1996. After a stop, he returned in 2003 and followed until 2008. The latest contracts were mounted on the crib giant Carmo in December 2009 and the decor of Carnival 2010, which dealt with 35 years of Mamulengo Just Laugh.

Rua 13 de Maio, 117, Varadouro, Olinda

Telefone: 3429-2934

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Teatro Mamulengo Só-Riso in Recife