We have been adding quite a few new features to the site, and really trying to increase the amount of content available.   We have a couple of additional people working with us now to fill out attractions and activities to help vacation goers get even more from their Brazil travel!  Comments and suggestions are always welcome!


We have compiled a large selection of restaurants within Brazil now.  Each city has several hundred listed, with Sao Paulo having nearly 2,000!  We have sorted them by restaurant type and tried to capture as much information about each restaurant as possible.   We are still working on getting more information on each restaurant, including better descriptions and their official website urls, which is a painstake process!    


Maps have been added to the restaurants section, showing the location of each restaurant, and a map showing other nearby restaurants.  The idea is to start including hotels, activities, parks and beaches on the maps.   Eventually we want you to be able to pick a hotel and see all of the nearby restaurants, includig activities that might interest you and finally offering up a service to print out the maps with directions to each location, including the full description of each place you visit!   Plan and print your entire trip in one go!

Activities and Destinations!

We have been collecting up as much information on activities and destinations within each city.   We're trying to use the official pages for our information gathering process, which means slowly translating large amounts of Portuguese into English.   There really isn't that much information out there in English, on Brazilian travel.  Every site seems to share the same content, worded exactly the same!  We're trying to ferret out all the amazing little places that haven't been published in English yet!  There are so many, it's a daunting task.  As you look around these sections, you're very likely to see some Portuguese text mixed into the site.  We're working on slowly translating this to English and then writing up our own trip descriptions.  It's time consuming, but the end result will be an amazing amount of information on Brazilian Vacations!

Translation Help?

Are you currently in Brazil, or trying to sort out some vacation deal and having problems with some Portuguese?  Drop us an email, and we'll see if we can help you out, free of charge of course.  We can either write a quick note for you in Portuguese, or give the company in question a quick call and explain your situation to them.    Don't worry, we're friendly here!  We've all had these issues, and it's not worth getting worked up over.   Portuguese isn't easy to master, so we're more than happy to give you a hand!

More to come....!