Curitiba sightseeing in 48 hours

Curitiba is considered one of the best cities to live in Brazil, which makes it a great leisurely destination to visit. With a population of around 3.2M people, it is the largest city in Southern Brazil. Extensive city planning has left this city with lots of open green areas and one of the environmentally greenest city environments in the world. Since this city has a reputation for being so green, we’re recommending all green activities for your short stay. There is far more to do in this wonderful city, but in 48 hours, we need to concentrate on just a selection of activities.


Start your first day in the city by having a colonial breakfast, also known as Cafe Colonial, at Valbella Confeitaria. Colonial Breakfasts are famous throughout the South of Brazil, and this particular delicatessen prides itself in serving one of the best selections in Curitiba. Then, visit the Botanical Garden, which is one of the prettiest and newest in Brazil. One can easily spend hours there contemplating the breathtaking views. Afterwards, have lunch at Segredo do Patriarca, a Southeast Brazilian restaurant near the Botanical Garden. Offering a buffet of Mineira Cuisine, this restaurant has simple yet delicious dishes.


Spend the afternoon at Schaffer Gardens, known as Bosque Alemao. At around 4pm walk in the path of Joao and Maria, resting on benches placed around the replica of Bach's Cathedral to watch the people and listen to the birds sing their beautiful songs. The region is one of the highest in the city and the view is gorgeous. Give yourself plenty of time to just soak up the scenery.


Food-wise, it's worth trying a legitimate apfelstrudel served in the cafe, prepared by a German-looking lady, this district is dedicated to the germans and the apple dessert is worth it.  It is also fun to watch the young children who take in the tale of the bread crumbs.


Enjoy dinner at Podium Cervejaria Dancante, a Brewery that offers live music with Gaucho cuisine - a perfect way to end the evening!


Visiting Curitiba without visiting its most famous icon, The Opera de Arame, is like going to New York and not seeing the Statue of Liberty. Therefore, on the second day head over to this famous icon, by lunch time you should be about ready to find some good eats.  There are many dining alternatives nearby, but we're going to recommend Menina da Colina Restaurant, offering authentic Brazilian cuisine. After lunch, spend a couple hours at Barigui Park, the largest and most visited park in Curitiba. Barigui Park  offers many attractions including gym equipment, kiosks, an automobile museum, a steam train station, an amusement park, and even a place to fly model airplanes. If you like adventures, Barigui park also has a Heliport offering helicopter tours.


There is still much more to see in Curitiba, but your 48 hours are almost over. So head over to the Taj Bar and enjoy one of Curitiba’s hottest spots for nightlife. If you’d rather have a more low-key evening, enjoy some wine and cheese at Queijos e Vinhos. Both locations are conveniently close to Barigui park.