Welcome to Brazil Travel Buddy.  We have enjoyed both living and vacationing in Brazil and have set up this site to help you make the best trip possible to our favorite country!


We really hope we can provide you with some insightful information into traveling to Brazil.  Along the way, we're going to try and pitch in our money saving tips, and travel tips to help make your trip far more enjoyable and affordable.   Many sites are dedicated to travel, but generally they over look Brazil as a travel destination.   The idea here is to present you with enough information to create your own trip and have a memorable experience in doing so.   We hope our combined travel experience will help you enjoy your next trip!

We hope to bring you all of the best travel deals we can find!  Shortly we should be incorporating in some of our own meta-search programs to help find you the best travel bargains out there!
arch capabilities to bring you the best deals!

We hope to make this a complete one stop travel search site that will bring all the best the internet has to offer under one roof, at least for Brazilian trips.

All comments and suggestions are welcome!  If you run a travel site, please contact us.  We would be happy to include your deals and promotional material on our site if it helps our members get the best prices out there!

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