Moon Beach

It is located on the left bank of the Negro River, 23 km from Manaus. It is accessed only by boat. The beach is shaped like a crescent moon and has rare vegetation of natural beauty, with a great stretch of sand and clear, cold water.

In Marina's David (after the Tropical Hotel), there are boats that make the journey back and forth every hour throughout the day until the 18 h. After that, just come round to the beach if you combined a prior appointment with a boatman.

From motorboat (a kind of canoe with an outboard motor), is only 10 minutes from Manaus. It's worth the look, mixing fine white sand and green of the forest to the immensity of the Rio Negro. You can choose to take food and drink from home or buy a 'kit' at the beach restaurant, which includes a table by the river and a glacier with beer, water and soft drinks. (R$50,00)

An excellent place to camp next to nature. There is a specific area for camping, but many people go camping on the beach during the weekend.

The greatest movement occurs during the weekend.