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Maracanãzinho - Military World Games
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Maracanãzinho was opened in 1954 at the Maracana (11618) complex, with capacity to accommodate 13,613 people and a multipurpose court for volleyball, basketball, handball and futsal. In honor of the former president of the Club de Regatas do Flamengo, was named Gilberto Cardoso. Among the many international sporting events held there, the highlight was the Men's Basketball World Championship in 1963 and Female Volleyball World Championship in 1990. In the 60 and 70, the gymnasium was the venue for great concerts, especially the International Song Festival, from 1966 to 1972, when there were singers like Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Maria Bethania, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Vandre Geraldo Gil, among others. In February 1974, the group Wet & Dry, a musical phenomenon at the time, led by Ney, hit a record national audience in musical performances so far. In 1975, Rio de Janeiro in summer, Holiday On Ice has also performed at the Gymnasium Gilberto Cardoso. In 1970 a serious fire destroyed the lining of the dome-glazed (inside) of the gym, and has caused serious damage to its structure. Thus, the traditional Miss Brazil, which takes place annually, was transferred to the Pavilion of St. Kitts. The following year, the gym was fully recovered. In 1982, it hosted the first Maracanãzinho Mundialito Volleyball, consecrating the world Rajzman Bernard, who performed the service first "Star Trek", contributing to the victory over the powerful Soviet Union, for 3 x 2. On June 27, 2007, repeated the feat in the reopening of the gym, totally refurbished. In October 2003, the gym closed for renovations in order to be able to carry out women's volleyball matches and men in the Pan-American Games in July 2007. The works cost $ 97 million. On 30 June the same year he was re-opened for a test event in the women's volleyball team Brazil beat Serbia for 3 x 1. Currently, the gym occupies an area of ​​11.198m ², with capacity for 11,800 people, since seats were installed in the stands. The score, imported from China, has four sides, allowing a 360 ° view. The central air conditioning has a capacity of 1,750 tons of cooling. Still, the gym has natural lighting and ventilation, provided by the steel and polycarbonate dome installed on the ceiling. Maracanãzinho also offers eight bars, eight convenience stores and 32 toilets. Athletes have four locker rooms. The court area was expanded to 800m ², with 40m long and 20m wide. To avoid flooding, the floor was raised 60 cm in relation to the original level. Today the gym is able to host matches of volleyball, handball, basketball, soccer and tennis. Besides all this, the versatility of the gym was maintained: if the retractable bleachers are removed, the site will continue to be the scene of great cultural and musical events. As one of the main stages of the Brazilian volleyball, Maracanãzinho was approved by the International Volleyball Federation to receive the sport in the Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. President of the NORCECA (Confederation of Central America, North America and the Caribbean) and the FIVB Technical Delegate for the Olympic Games, Cristobal Marte Hoffiz the gym was full of praise. Visitation Center - Tel: 8871-3950, from 9h to 17h. Address: Professor Eurico Rabelo Street, Maracanã Rio de Janeiro http://www.suderj.rj.gov.br/maracananzinho.aspPhoto by: Leandro's World Tour

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Maracanãzinho - Military World Games

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