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The National Library is the institution that preserves the bibliographic and documentary heritage of Brazil. With a wealth currently estimated at 9 million items, is considered by UNESCO as the eighth largest national library in the world and the largest in Latin America. Its headquarters are in Rio de Janeiro, Avenida Rio Branco. Beyond it, the National Library Foundation - BNF also encompasses the Library Euclides da Cunha - BEC, located in Rio de Janeiro and designed to serve children and youth, and the Library of Brasilia Demo - BDB. Its origins are related to the creation of the Royal Library, the second organized by the Portuguese royal house - the first was destroyed by the earthquake that struck Lisbon in 1755. With the coming of the royal family, the library was brought to Brazil. A decree of October 29, 1810 March is the official creation of the National Library. The collection of 60,000 pieces was installed in the Third Order of Caramel, but the Library, although inaugurated on May 13, 1811, was only open to the public in 1814. Previously, access was restricted to scholars on request. In the early years in Brazil, the collection had a considerable enrichment, dating from this period to the acquisition of important collections, such as Manuel Inácio da Silva Alvarenga. After Independence, it was purchased by the Empire of Brazil as part of the Additional Convention to the Treaty of Friendship and Alliance signed between Brazil and Portugal on August 29, 1825. Even after moving to another seat, in the Promenade Street in 1858, the building now occupied by the Music School, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the need to better accommodate a constantly growing collection was still one of the main problems faced by Library. This led President Rodrigues Alves in 1905 to start the construction works of a new headquarters for the Library. With Project General Francisco Marcelino de Souza Aguiar and influences of neoclassical and art nouveau styles, the new and current headquarters of the National Library was opened on November 29, 1910, under the chairmanship of Pecanha. The structure of the new headquarters, however, was considered by some of its directors as inappropriate to house a library. The Legal Deposit Act (Law 10994, December 2004), in which the National Library Foundation must receive a copy of everything that is published in Brazil, is currently the main instrument for the Library to perform its function registration and custody of the national cultural production. In addition to this role, she is responsible for the preparation and dissemination of Brazilian Bibliography. The National Library also serves as the National Agency for ISBN (International Standard Book Number), that is, it assigns codes to publishers and national publications, ordering disclosure and marketing. Despite the difficulties faced by their directors and appointed the National Library as the main center remains Brazilian documentary and bibliographic information. Among the important collections and items within it, are a collection of photographs Teresa Cristina Maria, donated in 1891 by Emperor Dom Pedro II (1825-1891) and named after the empress, two copies of the Bible of Mainz, which dating back to 1462, and the Gospels, dating from the century. XI-XII, the oldest manuscript of the National Library. Timetables for guided tours: Monday to 6 Thursday - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and holidays - 12:30 to 4:30 pm visits each hour The special visits or groups should be scheduled in advance by phone +55 (21) 2220-9484 and (21) 3095-3881 or by e-mail visiguia@bn.br. Ticket Price: $ 2.00, with half price for students and free for people over 60 years. The visitor will only have access to the building of the BN after the presentation of documents, photo and ID. Schedule of exhibitions: Tuesday to Fridays - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and holiday - 12:00 to 5:00 pm Time limit for input: half hour before the end of service http://www.itaucultural.org.br/aplicexternas/enciclopedia_lit/index.cfm?fuseaction=vida_texto&cd_verbete=4903 Photo by: Jeff Belmonte

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National Library Rio de Janeiro

National Library Rio de JaneiroNational Library Rio de Janeiro

National Library Rio de JaneiroNational Library Rio de JaneiroNational Library Rio de JaneiroNational Library Rio de JaneiroNational Library Rio de Janeiro