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Nossa Senhora da Paz Square
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The Square Our Lady of Peace is a public square in Rio de Janeiro, located in Ipanema. It is located between the streets Visconde de Pirajá, Joana Angélica, Barão da Torre and Maria Quitéria. It was part of the urbanization project coordinated by the Barão de Ipanema from 1894, and was officially opened on October 31, 1917, under the name Souza Ferreira Square. It was landscaped again in 1932, and received its current name in 1936 because of the proximity to the church of the same name. In 1931, an imposing monument was built in the center of the square, with the statue of Senator Pinheiro Machado (1851-1915), as a tribute to one of the major champions of republican ideals in Brazil. The monument is the work of the famous sculptor Hildegardo Leão Veloso. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b2ab0820-67b0-4f94-be25-10585342eaf8Photo by: Os Rúpias

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Nossa Senhora da Paz Square