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Antiga Alfândega in Florianopolis
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The history of the Old Customs House began in 1874 when John Thomas Doe, president of the Province of Santa Catarina, was authorized to order the building of a new headquarters to replace the previous one burned down in 1866 for reasons still unknown. The venue was not the same as the previous building, but in the marinas, the streets of Deliverance and the Ombudsman, then place called Largo Prince, by staying on the street of the same name - the current Conselheiro Mafra. Inaugurated on 29 June 1876 by then President of the Province, Alfredo D'Escragnolle Taunay, cost, time to 120 contos, a sum paid to Jose Feliciano Alves de Brito, the contractor who built it. Even today the building has a plaque commemorating the event, which highlights the names of the presidents of the Province, who acted for the sake of construction, those responsible for plan and execution, respectively Eng Domiense Martin and Braga Pinto Cel. José Feliciano Alves de Brito, and the date of its inauguration. Membership-style neo-classical, the building consists of three bodies - the central two-story house with gable and finial, and two side warehouses, with roofs topped by independent ledge, and the characteristic of being supported by the timbers of a Doric column monumental order. Rectangular building, the ground floor is mostly filled by repeating the motif-door hatch in bow-door, five times in the main façade and the two sides, in cadence extended only in the medium to equilibrate with the arcade of seven doors upstairs , closed for balcony seat. Sober, façades equal two by two, construction is neat and accurate finish with corners and go from masonry with, cornices and parapets profiled padded on both floors topped by vases of china and the flags of the door frame on the floor florida , the taste of the season, as are those of the internal doors. Externally, it is in good condition, except small-characterization. Upstairs runs the technical office of the Institute for National Artistic and Historical Heritage - Iphan. The ground floor has a gallery of the Association of Artists of Santa Catarina, with space for exhibitions by regional artists, the craft shop of Santa Catarina, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs typical of local crafts such as bobbin lace, and pots of homemade cachaça clay, and the Bar of Customs. The site is one of the main sights of the city center because of its historical significance and its architectural beauty. Until the 70s the building of the Customs was bathed by the sea. With the construction of the embankment of the South Bay, in front of the building has a large area that was transformed into a square, the Square Customs. The site has already become a meeting point of the local population and the many tourists who pass by daily. There are several benches for resting, a pond with fountain, stage for performances, kiosks that sell the typical clay pottery and even a tourist information office. Source: Guide to the Goods Fallen Santa Catarina Rua Conselheiro Mafra, 141 - 3224-6082 http://www.guiafloripa.com.br/turismo/patrimonio/alfandega.php3 Photo by: pepsiline

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Antiga Alfândega in Florianopolis