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Hercílio Luz Bridge
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This is probably one of the best know landmarks of the city, inaugurated in 1926 the Hercílio Luz Bridge links the mainland to the island.   This is a very historic landmark for the city, with both scenic and historical value.  The bridge was a turning point in the development of Florinopolis, reducing their isolation from the rest of Santa Catarina, by enabling businesses and residents to freely move between the island and the mainland, which was only done via boat previously.


One of the largest suspension bridges in the world, construction was started on November 14, 1922 and was inaugurated on May 13, 1926.   It is 821 meters long and 339 meters from the central span, while the steel towers measure 74 meters in height.   At the time of construction, several innovations were pioneered here.


It was closed in 1982 as a safety measure, and now the Hercílio Luz Bridge serves as only a monument and scenic landmark.  The best place to see the entire bridge is from the observatory situated at the head of the island, which provides the best panoramic views of downtown as well.


Website: http://www.pmf.sc.gov.br/entidades/turismo/index.php?cms=ponte+hercilio+luz

Photo by: Alexandre Machado

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Hercílio Luz Bridge

Hercílio Luz BridgePonte Herílio Luz in Florianópolis

Ponte Herílio Luz in FlorianópolisPonte Herílio Luz in FlorianópolisPonte Herílio Luz in FlorianópolisPonte Herílio Luz in FlorianópolisPonte Herílio Luz in Florianópolis