Recife Cinema Festival

Also known as Recife Audiovisual Festival or Cine-PE, Recife Cinema Festival is a competitive film and audiovisual festival that is held in Recife. It is dedicated to the Brazilian and state production of feature & short films; as well as videos and documentaries. It was founded in 1997 by the Alfredo & Sandra Bertini, who have been the directors since then. Between 1997 and 2008, 1806 films [41] (through either competitive applications or National & International invitations) of all types and genres for a public of over 250,000 people have been a part of it.

The main trophy awarded by the organization to either a specialised or independent judge is that of Calunga (which is a puppet used by maracatu dancers), for the varied film categories represented. Also, another important trophy is the Gilberto Freyre, presented for the feature film that best expresses the appreciation of Brazilian identity through the concept of racial diversity, that characterizes the Brazilian ethnic formation and culture. Other prizes are given by independent private partners, usually monetary, and distributed through the diverse categories.

The event usually takes place at the end of April/May, in the Convention Center of Recife (CECON). It also includes seminares, workshops, meetings, musicals, and art exhibitions, which bring many Cinema professionals and/or lovers making them festival to one of the most important events in the Brazilian film market.