Recife District

This was where Recife first started, the city”s initial settlement and, at present, its historical center. This important neighborhood displays several remodeled centenary constructions that have been used as bars, restaurants, theaters, museums, art galleries, shopping centers, as well as other architectonic complexes of priceless value.

The first synagogue of the Americas is located on the blocks that form Old Recife, as it is also known. Built in the 17th century, Kahal Zur Istrael maintains some of its original characteristics, like flooring and walls, and it is a cultural center and small museum. Malakoff Tower was erected in the 19th century to serve as an astronomic observatory. At the Brum Fort, from 1630, there is the Military Museum, where one can find high quality bars, night clubs and restaurants, which is transforming the place into a night life pole.