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Estação das Docas in Belém

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Estação das Docas in Belém

Belém is located on the banks of the Amazon estuary and has a population of around 2M.  The climate is a tropical rainforest climate with no dry season, ensuring that any tourist will have at least some rain during their stay for part of the day.  Many beautiful parks abound the city, including a beautiful botanical garden, Rodrigues Alves Wood, which has a diverse collection of plants and flowers from the Amazon and covers 18 acres in the city.  Belém has a modern appearance, with trees lining the streets and modern architecture for many of the buildings. 

Belém is not deep in the Amazon like Manaus, but it is at the mouth of the Amazon river, which means not only is it in a rainforest climate, it's extremely near the equator, like Natal, and Fortaleza.   What makes it a little different is the fact that the only local beaches to the city are along the Amazon river itself, with ocean side beaches being in near by cities.   Even without the ocean beaches, Belém has a lot to offer.  Festivals are a large part of Belém and such festivals as the famous Carnival in Belém make the city a fun place to visit. 

Many of the museums, historical sites and places for sightseeing revolve around religious tones.  Places such as Arte Sacra do Pará Museum, or Belem Cathedral show tourists the religious side of Belém, and how religion has played a large role in the culture of the city and it's surrounding areas.

Belém is the capital of the state of Pará, which is found in the Northern part of Brazil on the banks of the Amazon river, near where the Amazon meets the ocean.  The main airport of Belém is Belém International Airport (BEL).


General Information:

Area Code: (91)

City Hall: +55 (91) 3283-4702

Tourist Information: +55 (91) 3212-8484

Belém International Airport: +55 (91) 3249-4900

Bus terminal: +55 (91) 3266-2625

Barros Barreto Hospital: +55 (91) 3249-2323

Bank Agencies: the city has agencies from all the large national banks, and some international ones.


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Estação das Docas in Belém