• Brasília City Tour - A tour by bus that all of the main city attractions. Phone: (61) 9298-9416 / 9304-2107 / 9304-1346 / 3356-1707 / 3964-9122 . Leaves everyday from the TV Tower at 10 am and arrives back at 5pm.
  • Itamaraty Palace -  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Guided tours from 2pm-4:30 pm Mon-Fri and Sat-Sun 10am-3:30pm. Phone: (61) 3411-6148.
  • Brasilia Cathedral - This cathedral has sixteen curved 90-ton concrete pillars and stained-glass panels. Mon and Sat 8am-5pm, Tue-Fri and Sun 8am-6pm. Phone: (61) 3224-4073

Helicopter panoramic flight
Boat ride on Paranoá Lake
Catetinho (The Small “Catete” Palace)
Television Tower
The Alvorada Palace
Praça dos Três Poderes (The “Three Powers Square”)
National Congress
The Planalto Palace
The Itamarati Palace
The Supreme Federal Tribunal
Palace of Justice at the Ministry of Justice
The Tancredo Neves Fatherland Banner Monument
The Lúcio Costa Space
The JK Bridge
  • Television Tower - A fantastic view of the entire city, and open markets at the base of the towers with typical crafts, and foods. Open Tue-Sun 8am-8pm. Entrance is free.