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Palacio Itamaraty in Brasilia

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Palacio Itamaraty in Brasilia

Brasília is the capital of Brazil, and situated in central Brazil with a population of around 2.5M people and is a land locked city.  The city was planned and developed in 1956 with the purpose of becoming the capital of Brazil, and as such, there are many foreign embassies and large businesses situated here.  There is a large service sector in the city, with great hotels and restaurants to support all of the business activity that flows through the capital, including all of the politicians and foreign diplomats.   The city is a major airport hub for all of Brazil, and the main airport of Brasília is the Brasília International Airport (BSB).

Many monuments, museums and official buildings dot the city scape.   The presidential palace is located here, the Palácio da Alvorada, along with the National Congress, and the Ministry of Justice or Palacio da Justiça.    Along with the historical, and government buildings, there are many parks available to visitors such as the Lagoa Bonita, and Arts and Cultrual Theatres, such as Sala Villa-Lobos.   Visitors are treated to a huge number sightseeing opportunities when they visit Brasilia.  While there are no beaches in this land locked city, there are plenty of parks and green areas to go to.



General Information:
Area Code: (61)

Tourism Information: +55 (61) 429-7635

International Airport of Brasilia: +55 (61) 364-9000 and 364-9157

Airport Website:

Bus Station: +55 (61) 223-0557 and 223-3247

Railway Station: +55 (61) 363-2281

Subway: +55 (61) 353-7373

Hospital: +55 (61) 325-5050

Bank Agencies: The city hosts a wide range of national and international banks agencies. And the majority of commercial outlets take all credits cards.

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Palacio Itamaraty in Brasilia