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Ingleses Beach in Floripa

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Ingleses Beach in Floripa

Florianópolis is in southern Brazil, situated on the Island of Santa Catarina, in the state of Santa Catarina with a population of just over 800,000.  Three bridges are used to provide access to the mainland, with beaches surrounding the island and many on the mainland, this city is know for it's great surfing landscape.   Tourism is one the main industries in Florianópolis, with summer temperatures ranging from 80F to 100F, white sand beaches and surfing drawing in the crowds. 

The beaches offer many activities and include surfing and windsurfing.  Access to a few beaches can be reached by trail only, while most are accessible via public transit.  All are beautiful and popular with tourists.  The ASP World Tour, Association of Surfing Professionals uses Florianópolis as the main location for classifying 50 competitors, both professional and amateur.



General Information:

  • Dialing Code: (48)
  • Tourism Information Tel: +55 (48) 224-1516
  • Hercílio Luz International Airport Tel: +55 (48) 331-4000
  • Rita Maria Bus Station Tel: +55 (48) 212-3000
  • Banks: Florianópolis has over 100 banks, in addition to bureaus-de-change. Credit cards are welcomed by the majority of local businesses.


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Ingleses Beach in Floripa