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Ilha do Arvoredo

Ilha do Arvoredo

Breathing the air when disembarking on Arvoredo Island is invigorating to our senses weakened by the civilization. We can notice how tiny we are before the forces of nature. The wave rhythmic sound against the rocks is sheer poetry and we find ouservelsve staring at that beauty in the raw. Diving in the clear and and full-of-fish waters of one of those islands, which form the Reserva Biológica Marinha do Arvoredo (Marine Biological Preserve of Arvoredo Island), located 11 kilometers to the north of Santa Catarina Island, definitely solidifies the sensation of enchantment on the visitor's soul. Arvoredo is a pretty very important island. It was and has been a natural shelter for the navigators in the far sea. The island is large and has high hills. The bays, with calm waters, protects the island from hard blowing winds. The north bay is protected from the southeast wind which blows in the winter. Capim bay, in the southwest, is protected from the northeast wind which blows mostly in the summer. The 24 mile-reach beacon is used as a compass. Arvoredo Island is a reference spot for the navigation in the southern seas. And it's the best fishing ground of the region. Fishermen, divers and navigators revere the island. The island is always monumental, either for its shelter, for the moments of contemplation of the clear waters or the steep bays...or for any other reason or viewpoint.

Biological frontier

One of the only two marine biological preserves of the country,despite the 8 thousand kilometers of the Brasilian coast - the other one is the Atol das Rocas (Rocas Atoll), in Rio Grande do Norte - the Arvoredo preserve consists of 17,800 hectacres (43,983 acres) distributed among Arvoredo, Galé and Deserta Islands and São Pedro flintstone (fragment of hard rock) and all over the surrounding sea coast.

Arvoredo Island has a special characteristic. It's a borderline between the Tropical and Subtropical regions, a climatic and biological crossing line. There, the Brazilian Current, coming from the north, the clear and hot waters meet the polar water Falklands Current conveying great amount of nutrients. As a result, tropical fish cope with southern chilly water fish, like penguins and whales. The fauna is exuberant. Pink shrimp, squibs, lobsters, octopuses, groupers and hundreds of other species drift before the divers. Without this breeding ground, the groupers, for instance, whose sex definition takes three years and consequently to start procreation, would turn into endangered species in the region. Sea birds like royal terns, "fragata", "atobá" and the seagull live and breed on the preserve islands, which in turn are a safe place for the migratory birds to rest. Penguins, turtles, whales and dolfphins are another occasional visitors of that area, chosen due to its quietness and isolation.

Rock engravings

Besides the rich fauna the preserve has other treasures. Arvoredo Island, the largest one, preserves 270 hectares (667 acres) of the Atlantic Forest. The "gerivá" coconut tree is the badge of this local flora. Besides the exuberant native forest, intriguing rock engravings are all over the island rocky cliffs. Known as "itacoatiaras" they are undoubtful signs that the prehistoric man had been there, where he also left lithic workshops (places on the rocks to manufacture tools) and archeological sites like "sambaqui" (prehistoric deposits of sea shells, kitchen refuse and skeletons found on the coast).

All these characteristics make Arvoredo Island a special place for the region. In the early 80's this ecological diversity inspired environmentalists to press on the public authorities to create a preserve there.

The man's interference

Since 1750, when the azorian immigrants who settled on the Catarinense coast found out that the water was fish abundant, craft and industrial fishing has taken place. In the last two decades the underwater fishing and the fishing at the cliffs have also contributed to the drastic decrease of big fish, crustaceans and molluscs of trade interest.

All those facts caused damage to the records left by the historic populations of the island - some sambaquis (prehistoric deposits of shells, kitchen refuse and skeletons found on the coast ) were damaged by the construction of fishing shelters. Another agression, the collection of eggs from marine birds in breeding period, became common among the visitors.


The preserve creation

The creation of the Arvoredo Marine Biological Preserve took place in March of 1990, through the decree number 99,142. IBAMA chose this management category after evaluating on site the increasing environmental damages which the area was exposed to. Preserve is the most restrictive environmental management category, which prohibits the access to the area without authorization.The other categories are parks - where the visitations are regulated but allowed -, APAs (environmental preserve ), RPPNs (private preserves of the natural asset ) and other types with fewer restrictions. The choice of preserve is yet contested by the nearby population and diving companies.

To compensate the access restriction, the IBAMA, from 1997, has done its best to get a bigger interaction with the community through pilot-projects of observational diving. In addition IBAMA has established environmental education as an extra-curricular subject at the municipal schools. The observational diving will make possible to regularize the exploration of the sea tour at the preserve, forbidden since 1994.

In partnership with FACIMAR (Faculdade de Ciências do Mar - Marine Science College, in Itajaí), IBAMA also has an environmental education program in 44 schools of the preserve six bordering cities - Florianópolis,Governador Celso Ramos, Tijucas, Porto Belo, Bombinhas and Itapema. They are basically fishermen's children who have lessons about the preserve in Geography classes, write compositions about the environment in Portuguese, learn about the deforestation of Atlantic Forest in History classes. The flora and fauna of the region are taught in Biology classes.

Data base

These projects were just made possible due to a precious base - a detailed data base which IBAMA started to build in December of 1994, which nowadays is an international reference. Through this data base, it's possible to access from a computer each one of the 458 fauna and flora specimens in the preserve. The records reveal whether they are residents in the area or just passers-by in a migratory process, if they are endangered species, their eating habits and predators. The records also contains a physical description of the species, colorful pictures and also maps and illustrations about the region.

Through the data base you can know in detail all the human activities in the area - fishing, diving, landing on the islands (which is forbidden), passing-by traffic to other places and rides. The researchers even know the depth in which every kind of fishing technique takes place and the percentage of refuse (unwanted fish).

Model work

This asset is a result of hard surveillance months in the sea and on the islands, many hours of diving, talks with the fishermen and also an oceanographic cruise on the research ship Diadorim, from FACIMAR, besides exhaustive bibliographic researches. The monitors have registered 336 boats that came through the preserve, and sorted them out according to the number of crew members, origin, owner, fishing and diving gear and the type of fish. It was worth the effort. Besides making the fishermen aware of the preserve importance for repopulating the marine species in the region, the oceanographers ended up developing a pioneer project to monitor and handle the data in the country's preserves.

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Ilha do ArvoredoIlha do ArvoredoIlha do ArvoredoIlha do Arvoredo

Map of Ilha do Arvoredo

Address: Ilha do Arvoredo Florianópolis SC Brasil

Small Location of Ilha do Arvoredo
Location of Ilha do Arvoredo

Activities near to Ilha do Arvoredo

Ilha do Arvoredo (sightseeing) - Breathing the air when disembarking on Arvoredo Island is invigorating to our senses weakened by the civilization. We can notice how tiny we are before the forces of nature. The wave rhythmic sound against the rocks is sheer poetry and we find ouservelsve staring at that beauty in the raw. Diving in the clear and and full-of-fish waters of one of those islands, which form the Reserva Biológica Marinha do Arvoredo (Marine Biolo...
Address: Ilha do Arvoredo Florianópolis SC Brasil
Distance: 0.00km from the Ilha do Arvoredo
Ilha do Arvoredo
Moçambique Beach (beach) - The Moçambique Beach, also known as Praia Grande is located in the northeast of the island of Santa Catarina, in Forest Park of the Red River, 29 kilometers from the center. It is famous for being the largest of the island, which stretches about 13 kilometers long.   The beach has clear and cold water and good waves for surfing. The sand is medium thick and fluffy. There are very few buildings on the beach and the...
Address: Av. das Nações, 755-787 - Canasvieiras Florianópolis - SC, 88054-010, Brazil
Distance: 3.66km from the Ilha do Arvoredo
Moçambique Beach in Florianopolis
Schooner Ride to the Dolphin Bay (activity) - Baía dos Golfinhos is a bay of calm waters which is home to about 80 dolphins that live there and provide a real show that fascinates children and adults. Another spectacle is the landscape, with the Hercilio Luz Bridge in the background to the south and the beaches of Daniela, Jurerê and Canasvieiras north of Florianópolis. A very nice ride for the whole family. Sightseeing from the piers of Beira Mar No...
Address: Canasvieiras Florianópolis - SC
Distance: 3.67km from the Ilha do Arvoredo
Schooner Ride to the Dolphin Bay
Feira de Canasvieiras (market) - Earlier women used vegetable fibers in the woven art of basketry, building nets, until they develop the arts of sewing, embroidery and lace, with the invention of the sewing needle and spindle. Evolving embroidery, bobbin lace, or cushion, differentiates to be executed with the points in the air without pre-existing tissue. They are wires attached by one end to one end of the bobbin and the other with pins stuck in a card (peak) on a...
Address: Canasvieiras Florianópolis - SC
Distance: 3.67km from the Ilha do Arvoredo

Restaurants near to Ilha do Arvoredo

Pastel & Dog - Graciliano Manoel Gomes is a Brazilian Pastry restaurant that is roughly 0.00km from Ilha do Arvoredo and can be found at Rua Graciliano Manoel Gomes, 1495

The Pastel & Dog has two units in Floripa and specializes in hot dogs and pies. The hot dog is served with two sausages or two sausages in addition to the traditional accompaniments of corn, peas, tomato sauce, grated cheese, potatoes and vinaigrette. Among the most pastels are the most requested chicken with cream cheese and mistão wi

Map of
Antonio´s is a Brazilian restaurant that is roughly 0.00km from Ilha do Arvoredo and can be found at Avenida Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 2214

In Antonio's regional cuisine is the inspiration for the recipes, especially those leading seafood. One of the most requested dishes is shrimp to isabela with dried tomatoes, chopped onion, white wine and cream. For entry to the tip is the coquile lobster. Antonio's is located in Florianopolis.

Map of
Il Caravaggio is a Italian restaurant that is roughly 0.00km from Ilha do Arvoredo and can be found at Avenida Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 3180

Il Caravaggio specializes in Italian cuisine and opened its doors in 1997. One of the most requested dishes is the filet to pizzaiola, medallion of filet breaded in butter with Parma ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce. The dish comes with the famous handmade pasta in the house. As input the suggestion scallops are cooked in olive oil with h

Map of
Elba D´Itália is a Italian restaurant that is roughly 0.00km from Ilha do Arvoredo and can be found at Avenida Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 3481

D'Elba in Italy customers are over forty toppings to taste the pie à la carte system. The pizzeria was opened in 1995 and it is part of their inputs directly from Italy. Among the most requested is Procchio pizza, prepared with Parma ham, arugula and parmesan.

Map of

Hotels near to Ilha do Arvoredo

MapIlha Sol Praia Hotel2 Star Rating
Ideally located in the prime touristic area of Florianopolis, Ilha Sol Praia Hotel promises a relaxing and wonderful visit. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. Facilities like Wi-Fi in public areas, business center, 24hr room service, car park, safety deposit boxes are readily available for you to enjoy. Non smoking rooms, air cond...
MapAgua Doce Residence0 Star Rating
Lowest Rate: $43.00
Located in Florianopolis, Agua Doce Residence is a perfect starting point from which to explore Florianopolis. The hotel offers guests a range of services and amenities designed to provide comfort and convenience. Room service, business center are just some of the facilities on offer. Each guestroom is elegantly furnished and equipped with handy amenities. Take a break from a long day and make use...
MapHotel Porto Sol Beach4 Star Rating
Lowest Rate: $211.00
Hotel Porto Sol Beach is perfectly located for both business and leisure guests in Florianopolis. Offering a variety of facilities and services, the hotel provides all you need for a good night's sleep. To be found at the hotel are bar/pub, meeting facilities, laundry service/dry cleaning, business center, elevator. Guestrooms are designed to provide an optimal level of comfort with welcoming deco...
Residencial Apart Hotel CarolinaResidencial Apart Hotel Carolina0 Star Rating
Lowest Rate: $58.00
Stop at Residencial Apart Hotel Carolina to discover the wonders of Florianopolis. The hotel offers a high standard of service and amenities to suit the individual needs of all travelers. To be found at the hotel are safety deposit boxes, 24hr room service, room service, pets allowed, bicycle rental. Each guestroom is elegantly furnished and equipped with handy amenities. Enjoy the hotel's recreat...



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