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Porto das Dunas Beach in Fortaleza

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Porto das Dunas Beach in Fortaleza

Fortaleza is located in Northeastern Brazil in the state of Ceará, with a rough population of around 3.5M people.  Fortaleza is the fifth largest city in Brazil and has one of the highest population densities in Brazil.  Due to the proximity of the equator, Fortaleza is hot year round, and ideal for beach outings at any time of the year.  The cool breeze from the ocean helps keep the city more pleasant than some other nearby cities, but Fortaleza is known for it's general overall hot climate. 

Fortaleza Food

Generally the food in Northern Brazil is far more spicier than the rest of Brazil, and Fortaleza is no different, expect dishes to be heavily influenced by ocean catches and by spices.  Beaches, warm water and a hot climate make this a great place for tourists year round and many European owned resorts have opened up in recent years due to expanded European tourism in the area.  

Fortaleza Beaches

Take a look at some of the beautiful beaches that are found in Fortaleza, found under the beaches tab or read about the historical importance of this great city in the north.   The sand dunes, tropical trees and white sandy beaches make Fortaleza a great vacation destination.

Fortaleza Climate

Fortaleza's climate is tropical, hot and dry, with an average annual temperature of 27ºC. The relative humidity in Fortaleza is 77% with average annual rainfall of 1.378,3 mm.  Be prepared for a tropical vacation when visiting this beautiful city!


The easiest way to get to Fortaleza is via the main airport, Fortaleza International Airport (FOR).  Be sure to check out all the pictures and information on Fortaleza​, which can be found within these pages!  


Fortaleza General Information:

  • Area Code: (85)
  • Tourism Information: +55 (85) 0800 99 1516 / 3488-7411 / 3256-4080
  • Pinto Martins International Airport: +55 (85) 3477-1667
  • Bus Station: +55 (85) 3256-1025
  • General Hospital: +55 (85) 3488-2800
  • Bank agencies: There are branches from all main banks operating in Brazil.


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Porto das Dunas Beach in Fortaleza