Gramado is the 3rd most sought after destination by Brazilians.  Gramado is a beautiful city in the mountains of Southern Brazil.  The entire city is almost entirely dependent on tourism, making it a beautiful and friendly place to visit.  The city itself is completely walkable and has many attractions throughout.  We recommend spending a day just walking through the city and enjoying the atmosphere of the city!  The main streets are lined with little businesses, from chocolatiers to locally hand made crafts.  Be prepared to indulge in chocolate, it's everywhere!


Since Gramado is actually a fairly small town, there aren't a lot of dedicated tours.   What it does have, is an easy to navigate city center, with lots of great attractions, well manicured gardens, and emaculate buildings.  Getting around Gramado is fairly easy by walking or taking a taxi.   You'll find a lot of interesting places if you just walk around the entire city, and you'll get to see a lot more of it as well! 

Every time we visit Gramado, we end up doing something different.  Of course it doesn't hurt to know people who live there!   So our opinions on the city are slightly skewed!


There are several gorgeous parks within Gramado itself, and several nearby.  For parks, we would recommend the Lago Negro (Black Lake) which is fairly hard to miss.  This is a photo of the lake, the large swans are actually paddle boats that you can rent. 






German architecture can be seen everywhere.  A simple walking tour of the city will reveal very old buildings with classic german and italian designs.  





Make sure to check out some of the activities we have listed for Gramado.  There are several worth while Museums, and many Cholocate factories to visit, for those chocolate lovers out there!