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Palacio dos Festivais Gramado

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Palacio dos Festivais Gramado

Gramado is the third most sought destination in Brazil, which makes it a city that caters extensively to Brazilians on vacation.  It enchants its visitors with its streets full of blooming flowers, its detailed architecture, and its hospitality.   In Gramado, the four seasons present unique spectacles of nature. The romantic fall, the cuddly winter with wine and a fireplace, the colorful joy of Spring, and the energy of Summer make Gramado a most surprising city.


There are several festivals in Gramado throughout the year, including the Festival de Cinema which is probably the most famous.  The festival is akin to the Oscars but for South America, bringing in actors from all around South America.  Natal Luz is another major attraction taking place during christmas time.  The entire city is lite up with beautiful lights and completely decorated with a christmas theme.   Flowers are in full bloom since christmas takes place in the middle of summer, along with warm summer nights, this time of the year is a incredible time to visit.  The Festival de Gastronomia is a more recent festival, having only been around for a handleful of years, and revolves around the local wines.



Gramado is a shopping paradise, as it offers an enormous number of unique family owned stores.  It is impossible not to take home something from the city, such as its homemade chocolates, fabrics, furniture, crafts, leather or colonial goods. 


A Gramado vacation during december is a wonderful experience, especially for those who have always spent their holidays in a cold climate.   While Gramado is far cooler than the surrounding areas, it is still extremely hot during Brazil's summer.   Vacation goers go to Gramado during Christmas vacation to escape the heat!   Along with the weather, Gramado has a huge number of Christmas attractions.  Christmas is definitely a great time to visit Gramado! 


Vacation goers will find something happening in the city for every season.  As the city is completely dependent on tourism, there is always something happening there to keep tourists coming.   Gramado's festival - Brazilian and Latin American cinema - is the biggests movie event in the country, uniting artists, producers, directors and journalists during a glamorous week.  The Colonial Party Festival is an excellent opportunity for one to see closely the German and Italian cultures, during days full of music, dance, games, and regional gastronomy.


There is always something to welcome visitors to Gramado!


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Palacio dos Festivais Gramado