• BOAT TRIPS - The Guaiba river is very active with cargo ships near the harbor, but touristic sail also takes place in Porto Alegre. There is even an area of the city where people can bathe in the river. Boat trips are very pleasant and offer a scenic view of Porto Alegre. Try going near the sunset: the locals say Porto Alegre has the most beautiful sunset in the country!
  • Some boat trip companies:
  • 1- Barco Caribe I
    Departure: Usina do Gasômetro
    Hours of operation: Weekends and holidays only, from 10am to 6pm
    Price: R$7,00 (roughly US$ 3.50)
    2- Barco Travessia
     Agency address: Av. Guaíba, 10.818
    Phone: (51) 3248.2539 / 9964.9956
    Departure: Calçadão de Ipanema
    Hours of operation: from Tuesdays to Sundays
  • 3- Cisne Branco
    Agency address: Av. Mauá, 1050
    Phone: (51) 3224.5222
    Departure: Portão Central do Cais
     Hours of operation: Tuesdays to Fridays, at 10:30am, 3pm and 4:30pm/ weekends and holidays at 10:30am, 3pm, 4:30pm and 6pm.
    PS: At least 10 people have to be for the trip to happen.
    Price: R$10,00 (roughly US$ 5.00) if there are at least 20 people
  • 4- Noiva do Caí
    Departure: Usina do Gasômetro
    Phone: (51) 3211.7662 / 475.2548
    Hours of operation: from Tuesdays to Fridays, at 3pm, Saturdays at 3:30pm and 5:15pm/ Sundays at 11:30am, 2pm, 3:30pm and 5:15pm.
    PS: At least 10 people have to be there for the trip to happen.
  • 5- Boat trip to Farol de Itapuã (lighthouse)
    Phone: (51) 3019.7945 / 99975030/ 3494.1111
    URL: www.faroldeitapua.com.br
    Departure: Av. Nossa Senhora de Navegantes, 06 - Itapuã / Viamão
    Hours of operation: daily from 9am to 3pm.
  • 6- Seival e Turistinha
    Phone: (51) 9818.2274 / 9961.2926
    Departure: Usina do Gasômetro      
    Hours of operation: groups need to call and schedule their trip.
      PS: There is an optional stop for lunch at Pintada Island.
  • Visit Usina do Gasometro - It is one of the main architetonic symbols of the city. Go there to learn a bit of the local culture during the many local fairs, markets, dance shows, concerts, theater plays, and movies. The Usina also offers guided tours on Wednesdays (Phone 3212.5979 - extension 205). Save some time to walk along the flange, which is higly appreciated by locals as a meet point for chatting and drinking "chimarrao". At dusk, you will contemplate the beautiful sunset on top of Guaiba River.a. Next to the Usina, there are the boats that take tourists to the Delta do Jacuí State Park, visiting some of the 30 islands of the protected area. The options are the boats Noiva do Caí, during weekends and holidays (3211.7662 / 9839.0316), and the Seival, which offers a trip to the Pintada Island on Sundays, where it is possible to try the local cuisine.
  • Walk or hike  among the nature -  Enjoy bathing in a lake, or take advantage of the many soccer and volleyball courts, as well as barbecue places. Those activities are offered at Morro São Pedro by the Haras Cambará, which makes reservations for parties of ate least 20 people ( phone: 3258.1086). After enjoying all the activities among nature, have a snack of colonial treats from Café do Lami (3258.1351), which assists groups of 15 or more people. In Belém Novo, there is a polo court called La Marujita (9904.4163), where one can ride horses as well as play polo, of course.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking sunset in front of Lake Guaiba -  You can appreciate the majestic sunset on top of the Guaiba Lake while dining or having a happy-hour drink at the many restaurants and pubs along  Calçadão de Ipanema. Ipanema Beach offers one of the most beautiful views of Porto Algre . Along Ipanema Beach one can walk, jog, ride a bike, practice windsurf,  jet ski, and sailing. For those who would rather see Ipanema beach from another angle, a good alternative is a boat trip at the Travessia Boat (3248,2539). While at "Zona Sul" (Souther part of the city), don't miss climbing  Morro do Osso (a hill( and have a priviledge vista point of  the Guaiba Lake and the city of Porto Alegre. Schedule your trip by phone (3263 3769) and enjoy this hiking adventure!