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Brique da Redenção in Porto Alegre

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Brique da Redenção in Porto Alegre

One of the oldest and most visited Porto Alegre, the fair is held every Sunday on Avenida Jose Bonifacio, Farroupilha Park, from 9h to 18h. The local public finds craft various raw materials such as leather, silver, wire, wood, resin, iron, plaster, glass and porcelain. The segment is ideal for antiques collectors looking for rare parts and objects. In the field of fine arts, paintings are sold, cartoons, woodcuts and sculptures.

The food segment offers snacks and full, like kebab, pastries, cookies, pies and various juices, and packaged products such as honey and homemade cookies.

The briquette of Redemption began in March 1978 with the name Flea Market, formed initially by 40 exhibitors of antiques. In 1982 came the Craft Fair of the Good and the End of Art in the Square. There are currently 180 craft exhibitors, 70 of antiques, fine arts 40 and 10 gastronomy.


New Brique Redemption opens in Porto Alegre
It was launched on Sunday morning (11/09/2011), in Porto Alegre, the new Brique of Redemption. The mayor of the capital, Joseph Fortunati, attended the ceremony. Among the novelties is a portal standard and custom kiosks.

Reforms have been made ​​thanks to a partnership with supermarket chain Walmart. "The exhibitors give different this life to our park on weekends, and it is our duty to describe our space while maintaining the cultural and historical site. In the compromise, the city is seeking partners to add to the projects it promotes, and joining forces dialogue with society so that we have a better quality of briquette and properly supervised, "said Fortunati, according to a statement released by his press office, highlighting the revitalization of Largo Glênio Peres, the Chalet of the XV Square and Pier Maua as examples of this partnership with the private sector for the benefit of the city.

In addition to numerous banks, now the briquette is divided into sections for crafts, fine arts, food and antiques. To increase the interaction with the public, the area devoted to trade in antiquities, next to Avenida João Pessoa, is now positioned in front of the park and will include tree planting, which will expand the area of ​​shading of the stalls.


Visit the Brique:


Every Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the  Jose Bonifacio Ave., Bom Fim - (Farroupilha Park)








Brique da Redenção takes place from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in the Farroupilha Park, primarly dealing in antiques and arts and crafts.


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Brique da Redenção in Porto Alegre

Brique da Redenção in Porto AlegreBrique da Redenção in Porto Alegre

Brique da Redenção in Porto AlegreBrique da Redenção in Porto Alegre