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Ciencias e Tecnologia PUCRS Museum

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Ciencias e Tecnologia PUCRS Museum

The Museum of Science and Technology of PUCRS (MCT-PUCRS) whose main objectives are to disseminate knowledge on science and technology, participate actively in the process of education at all levels and act in scientific research on biodiversity, paleontology, archeology and conservation.

MCT-PUCRS has a large area of permanent public display, with over 10 thousand square meters, where about 750 interactive equipment are exposed to daily visitation. In the same space are integrated temporary exhibitions on current issues and everyday society. During the year, several exhibitions and temporary exhibitions will be themed as the diversity of living things, to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity.

A specialized team provides educational support to teachers at all levels of education, so that visits to the Museum are a rich and intense time of learning. At the same time, the interactivity of the experiments makes the activities playful and stimulating, arousing the interest in knowledge.

Social programs of the MCT-PUCRS include the Traveling Museum (PROMUSIT) leading part of the public exhibition to other cities and states in the country, promoting science and technology outside its headquarters. The Program-School Science (Proesco) transports students from poor schools of Porto Alegre and surroundings to the museum and takes them back home in the end of the day, serving a snack during the visit.

Hours of Operation: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 5pm

Admission Fees:

All activities pass (includes museum admission, shows, 3-D movies, and planetarium) - RS$ 17,00 (around US$ 8.50)

General Admission - RS$ 14,00 (around US$ 7.00)

Promotional Fee - RS$ 10,50 (around US$ 5.25)

Children (from 3 to 12 years of age)

Persons of 60 years of age and up

University Students


Groups os students accompanied by their teacher

3-D Shows - RS$ 2,00 (around US$ 1.00)

Planetarium - RS$ 2,00 (around US$ 1.00)

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Ciencias e Tecnologia PUCRS Museum

Ciencias e Tecnologia PUCRS MuseumCiencias e Tecnologia PUCRS Museum