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Fort Orange

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Fort Orange

Fort Orange & Crown of the Airplane

The municipality of Itamaraca, about 50 miles north of Recife, has two attractions that are worth the ride. The first is the Orange Fort, built by the Dutch in 1631, in Taipei, and was rebuilt in stone by the Portuguese, 1654. Today the area is occupied by a museum where they are stored archaeological fragments found in excavations and panels with reproductions of historical maps. From there, looks out at the Crown of the Airplane, a cozy little island with good infrastructure tents. To get to the crown, take a boat or a speedboat on the beach of Fort Orange.

Fort Orange

Located at the southern entrance of the channel of Santa Cruz on the island of Itamaracá.

It was built shortly after the invasion of Itamaracá by the Dutch in 1631, designed by the engineer Pieter Van Bueren. Fort Orange was named in honor of the House of Orange, the princes descended from William the Silent.

In the late seventeenth century, already occupied by the Portuguese, the Orange came to be called the Fortress of Santa Cruz.

Initially built in rammed earth in the early eighteenth century, was clad in stone and mortar by Portuguese engineers, saving, however, traced the original Dutch, with its four bastions. At that time, he also won the gateway to Portuguese coat.

The Fort, which is still called the Orange, is open to visitors, becoming the main tourist attraction of Itamaracá.

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Fort Orange

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