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São Sebastião in Sao Paulo

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São Sebastião in Sao Paulo

A little over 180 km from the capital, you can find one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil,  rich in beaches, forests, rivers, waterfalls and many other natural landscapes. Designing a real circuit for attractions, Sao Sebastiao attracts visitors from around the country and became one of the most important tourist centers in Brazil.


Hot or cold? Beach or forest? Sports or relaxation?
Here you will find the option that best fits the seasons throughout the year. The important thing is being close to nature, the sea and take the time to enjoy all that Sao Sebastiao has to offer.


Natural Beauty
A multitude of heavenly places adds to the lush local vegetation, forming unique landscapes. More than 30 beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, clear waters, forests and natural formations with easy access and great diversity of attractions.


History and Culture
A big part of history and national culture has its origin in Sao Sebastiao. To visit it is to travel in time and feel part of their heritage. Caiçara culture is unique, of high expression and can be found in museums, churches, the historical center, handicrafts, and traditional celebrations.


With so many leisure attractions for all kinds of tourists, the lodging options could not be outdone. There are hotels, lodges, chalets and camping available year-round. You choose where and how you want to stay. And then relax with the assurance of being well received.


The presence of the ecosystems of the Atlantic Forest, Serra do Mar and Coastal Zone to ensure ecological diversity in all its extension and allow the practice of ecotourism, an activity that can be done year round. Trails of all kinds are overseen by bodies which ensure their preservation.


Water Sports
Privileged areas naturally allow the practice of adventure sports, water sports or conventional. Good winds, nature rich areas with excellent infrastructure and mingle and offer superb conditions for those looking for a healthier life.


Sao Sebastiao impresses its visitors with the wide choice of fine dining and great service. All this provides a gastronomic tour that travels across the region and offers, besides the delicious  caiçara food the most sophisticated dishes of national and international levels.

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São Sebastião in Sao Paulo

São Sebastião in Sao PauloSão Sebastião in Sao Paulo

São Sebastião in Sao Paulo